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What is the Mission of the Mosinee Community Athletic Association

The mission of the MCAA is to promote cooperation for the benefit of community sports' activities and to provide charitable assistance and support for the planning, building, and maintenance of sports facilities in the Mosinee area.

Who is the Mosinee Community Athletic Association?

The MCAA is a non-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization, whose members include youth and adult sporting organizations throughout the Mosinee community. 


The MCAA was created in 2006. 


The MCAA has assisted in planning, financing through donations or fundraisers or volunteering labor towards the following sports projects in the Mosinee area: 

  • Construction of the Mosinee Athletic Complex

  • Edgewood Park Irrigation System

  • Edgewood Park Soccer Scoreboard

  • Edgewood Park Soccer Field 1 and 2

  • Mosinee High School rubberized track

  • Mosinee High School Gym Improvements

  • improved Communications between the Mosinee School District and City of Mosinee

edgewood park scoreboard - close up2.jpg


Questions? Please feel free to reach out
to MCAA Treasurer Bruce Jamroz.


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